Jörgen Hasselqvist - Oliver Twist Bar & Restaurang

1. How important is to you to come back to do business in presence, face-to-face, live at the tradefair?
Very important. I have been visiting many times and it has been amazing to see the growth of Italian craft beers. So to visit and see what is going on is very important. But it is also a international tradefair so always interesting to see new products and trends.

2. What is the reason that drives you to participate in Beer&Food Attraction / BBTech expo?
Now it is to see what is new and also to see friends in the industry but  always a aim to find products to work with.

3. How important is "Made in Italy" and the Italian lifestyle for your business?
Interesting question! Craft beer is so international these days, styles can be brewed where ever  with the right raw material, a german style pils brewed in Italy that is perfect because of the craftmanship of the brewer. But now there are Italian styles, I love IGA!